LOWPOA Response to Opposition Letter

LOWPOA Response to Opposition Letter

LOWPOA Response to Opposition Letter

LOWPOA Response to the Misinformation in the Opposition Letter

Conservancy Board vs LOWPOA Board- Let me first emphasize that governance decisions related to a Lake of the Woods Conservancy will come from the court/county appointed board. They will determine the funding mechanism, the annual budget and the projects to tackle. The LOWPOA board will only provide the Conservancy Board with facts and figures and the justification for projects that may be needed at Lake of the Woods.

Let’s dive into the details- The opposition calls out Dr. Jones’ figure of $311,050 and the estimated figure LOWPOA came up with of $150,000 in estimated costs.

· Dr. Jones’ proposal and costs were if everything was to be completed at one time in a 1-5 years’ timeframe.

· The LOWPOA approach was to do less over a longer period of time, 1-12 years.

o This approach provides a more manageable project timeline for the Lake of the Woods residents.

o This would also give the residents and the Conservancy Board an opportunity to see and hear about the progress and effectiveness of lake projects.

· If a shift in the direction of a project is needed the Conservancy Board will address and adjust accordingly.

Let’s do the math- LOWPOA estimated a $150,000 annual budget. There are 273 on waterproperties in the proposed conservancy district. With a $550 per annum homeowner cost estimate, the annual budget amount would be $150,150 (273 X $550). This is slightly over the total amount LOWPOA estimated and has been talking about and using in calculations.

Keep in mind an annual budget will be put together by the Conservancy Board. The annual budget will be required to be presented to and approved by the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF). If the Conservancy Board presents a budget that is not feasible the DLGF would reject it.

Assessed value at the lake- The property assessment valuation exercise had to be completed two times for the homes in the proposed district boundary. Once for 2022 and a second time for 2023. The initial figures that were proposed in 2022 changed in 2023. Keep in mind if the assessed value goes up, the Conservancy rate goes down for a property. There is an inverse relationship between the assessed value and the rate you pay per $1000 from the County Assessor’s office. Basically, if your property tax went up the rate would go down, so you don’t pay more than your fair share and the overall annual amount stays the same. Consultation with the Marshall County Assessor’s office took place to determine an accurate rate. When the Assessed values around the lake were recalculated for 2023, the total assessed value of homes in the proposed district increased to $102,000,000. This new number was reported to Mr. Hollenbeck for the NRC hearings.

The documents sent out by the opposition are full of misinformation and are designed to steer you away from the facts and details. I urge everyone to get the facts and make the best decision possible for the lake. A Conservancy is the only path forward otherwise, there will be bigger costs down the road.

I don’t put any belief into a letter that a group doesn’t have the integrity to put their names on. If anyone believes in an idea, then stand behind it. Put your name out there like the LOWPOA Board has done all along from day one, don’t hide in the shadows! I look forward to answering your questions.

Michael Nate Julie Boynton Tim Legge Elaine Keller

LOWPOA President LOWPOA Secretary LOWPOA Board Member LOWPOA Board Member

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