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Caring for our lake

Lake of the Woods Property Owners Association is a social organization based in Indiana committed to helping Lake of the Woods to better deal with different local issues such as poor water quality, algae blooms, and even invasive weed growth to name a few. We aim to strengthen the community response to different ...

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Why a Conservancy

The Indiana Conservancy Act (IC 14-33) offers a system through which landowners, through a circuit court process, might create a special taxing district (a local unit of government) to tackle specific local challenges connected to water resources management. It is the mission of Lake of the Woods Property Owners ...
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why does Lake of the Woods need a Conservancy?
• Weed control for native and invasive weeds.  • Ditch studies to determine flow rate and concentration of chemicals.  • Ditch filters to remove phosphorus coming into the lake. 
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Who would be included in the Conservancy District?
On Water residents only including the channels, this is a total of 289 residents. This included property on the water and any future houses built on lots on the water. 289 on lake residents including the channels will be included in the …
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What are the benefits as a homeowner?
• Increased property value.  • All Conservancy annual contributions are 100% tax deductible.  • Increased lake water quality. 
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How is the Conservancy District revenue collected?
Through special property tax. An assessed value of a lake owner’s property with a rate determined by the County Assessor Office.
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Phosporus entering the lake?
 A lake study will be needed to determine the exact percentages for each ditch.  Based on previous studies The four ditches in the North are the worst contributors of phosphorus entering the lake through the ditches. 
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Who is leading the effort to form the Conservancy?
• Lake of the Woods Property Owners Association Board.  • Lake Restoration Committee.  • Concerned Lake of the Woods property owners and residents. 
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What are the next steps?
Sign the petition for the creation of the Lake of the Woods Conservancy District. Petition the Marshall County Circuit Court to establish a Conservancy District for Lake of the Woods.
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By signing the Conservancy petition, what exactly are we petitioning for?
• By signing the petition for a conservancy, you are advocating to form a Conservancy District for Lake of the Woods and pay annually to support the Lake of the Woods Conservancy District.   • All of the Conservancy funding can only be used for …
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How long between the petition being filed and the district plan being approved?
• It will take 6-12 months for the Conservancy District board to be formed and appointed by the Court.  • After the initial appointment by the court each member will be elected by the Conservancy District membership. 
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Once the Conservancy Plan is approved, how long until funds are available for lake projects?
When the Conservancy District is formed it will take two years before the funds are available for any projects. 
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How is the monthly fee determined?
The County Assessor will determine the rate based on the annual budget submitted by the Lake of the Woods Conservancy District Board. 
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