Eurasion Watermilfoil Treatment

Eurasion Watermilfoil Treatment

Eurasion Watermilfoil Treatment


Aquatic Weed Control (AWC) had a chance to survey Lake of the Woods for EWM on Tuesday, May 24th. They checked the entire lake thoroughly, including all channels and were very pleased with how the lake looks right now. According to AWC, the water is still very clear and the visibility was great.  AWC mapped all EWM that they encountered (see below map). They found 13.4 total acres of EWM. It appears that the Procellacor spray last year has given us more than one year of control in many areas; at least to this point in the season. Given the good results we have seen with Procellacor, and the reduced acreage this year, AWC is recommending treating all known areas of EWM illustrated on the below map with Procellacor at 3 pdu/acre foot.

It is important to note that we could still see EWM popping up later this summer, especially if the water were to stay this clear. AWC will keep a close eye on this throughout the summer and will be on the lake quite a bit to do so.

Spraying for EWM will start on Thursday, 5/26 by Aquatic Weed Control. The only stipulation is no watering from the lake for three days afterwards, otherwise the chemicals will kill your grass and Landscaping. Monday the 30th would be the first day to resume watering from the lake. There are no restrictions for swimming and water sports over the weekend!

***Areas sprayed are determined by AWC based on their surveys of the lake and approval by the DNR***

EPA LINK to Indiana lake info:

The below link will take you to Lake Of the Woods EPA report. As of 2020 it shows the lake as impaired due to Nitrogen/Phosphorus as well as PCBs, which were heavily used prior to 1979 when the U.S. banned the use of them. PCB bioaccumulation has been shown from numerous studies to be a cancer-causing agent.

You’ll also notice that the EPA has the majority of the ditches coming into LOW listed as condition unknown. This is a main reason we need specific ditch studies completed.,%20IN,%20USA%20(Marshall%20County)/overview

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