LOW Apparel

LOW Apparel

LOW Apparel

There are several products available to purchase. 

All proceeds after cost go to the weeds fund.

Available items:

  1. white t-shirt $20
  2. crewneck sweatshirt $35
  3. black hoodie $40
  4. grey 1/4 zip $40
  5. black/grey rain jacket $50
  6. trucker cap $20
  7. grey boonie hat $40
  8. beach towel a. $40
  9. beach towel b $40

To order send a message in the form at the bottom of the website.

We will email you an order form.

To order LOW merchandise

Using the order from the Newsletter, provide the item number, quantity, and size.

If you need an order form, send us a message with email address. 

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